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Posted on: January 15, 2016
Family and student

Many studies in educational process center around the need for a higher level of trust in the communication between the parents and educators charged with teaching our primary and secondary students.  In many cases the family structure has evolved into both parents employed or, in some cases today, a single-parent home.  The technology of communication has advanced so that we can be mobile, and stay connected to the family, and feel safe that there is a fast communication path in the case of an emergency.  

Primary and secondary schools are subject to budgets and levies to secure proper funding for their money to operate effectively today. The age of the info-structure of many educational facilities may lack modern technology available today to form a trusted bond with the parents and students.  Generally, school districts have multiple systems on their campuses that are used for in-house messaging and communication and the communication outside the school environment.  Many schools have one vendor for phones and different vendors for rapid notifications and text messaging.

Many schools have found a vendor that can supply all the communication needs through one source, such as, The Education Connection (TEC) in Dayton Ohio, Insta-Info, Inc., parent company of TEC has been building a multi-level, school communication system for 25 years. This product supplies all the modern forms of communication and information transmission to help the parents and and educators maintain a close relationship in the educational process. This bundled-services model is very cost-effective and makes the use and maintenance of the program very easy. 

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