The Education Connection (TEC) is a VoIP telephony-based communication system designed to improve student, parent, and community involvement in the educational process. As the "original" outbound dialer TEC has provided messaging solutions to educators since 1991.

Stop Watch

No Time Wasted

Telephone Notifications

Every staff member can schedule:

  • Emergency and standard message calls
  • Informational emails
  • Real-time, true SMS text messages

Target messages to specific groups 

TEC Rapid Notification is used by many school districts, public businesses, and private agencies to notify students, staff members, or employees of important messages immediately.  

With The Education Connection you have the capability to send out detailed messages to your audience through the TEC cloud-based crisis contact system or instant text message for those who use texting as their primary messaging system.                                                                                                                  


More Details


Manually create a customized contact list that meets specific needs, and schedule your calls at convenient times or on an emergency basis.

TEC can import data from data suppliers in different formats to keep contact lists up-to-date automatically. These updates may be set to run daily, weekly, or on a schedule the customer chooses.

Other important features:

  • Unlike competitors, TEC has access to thousands of telephone lines on the cloud and makes five passes through the list in an effort to deliver the message. Those who were not reached in the initial rapid call mode will have the local TEC system continue to call until they answer or until the scheduled end time is met. This greatly increases the call completion rate for each message.
  • Any message that has to be delivered to more than one person can be processed through TEC in the sender's own voice for a personal touch.
  • More than one recorded message can be delivered simultaneously.
  • Delivers the recorded message multiple times.
  • Detailed status reports of contact deliveries.

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