The Education Connection (TEC) is a VoIP telephony-based communication system designed to improve student, parent, and community involvement in the educational process. As the "original" outbound dialer TEC has provided messaging solutions to educators since 1991.

Automated Notifications

Fast, easy, efficient

The primary goal of automated notifications is to make parent alert calls faster, easier, and more efficient. Schools within a district may setup TEC message delivery schedules different from other schools in the district.

TEC integrates with software from many companies that serve the education market. Scheduled data transmissions set up between the school and the service provides TEC with up-to-date contact information for the automated calls. 

Your ability to "automate" tasks is limited only by your imagination. 

Automation for many daily notifications including:


Absence Calls


Parents' "peace of mind;" district's compliance with state laws

Ease of use during busy mornings

24-hours a day, seven days a week, TEC is available to receive absence reports. Gone are the days of fighting to get through to the school's office in the morning. Because parents can reach TEC without having to fight the busy signals, they are more likely to report the absence. More absence messages mean less time spent tracking down missing students.


Lunch Account Balance Reminders


TEC provides an easy way for Food Service workers to control costs

With TEC school cafeteria managers now has the ability to contact parents or guardians of low-or-negative-dollar lunch card balances. TEC can pull data from many different vendors' point-of-sale systems. Cafeteria staff set the date and time schedule for alert message deliveries. They also can establish the low-balance amount by full-pay and reduced-pay students.   

The message will provide the parent or guardian the current low balance, the student grade level, day of the week, and date of the call. The message will then suggest school strategies to bring the lunch card balance back into good standing.

Messages can be recorded professionally or using the voice of district or building staff members to make the message more personable. No harsh text-to-speech voices are used.


Library Calls


Protect all your teaching materials

The library is a valuable asset that uses budgetary funds to fill and maintain its shelves. When media are delinquent or not returned, other students are deprived from the use of the materials.  

Automate contact messages to students who have overdue library books and fines. 


Transportation Alerts


TEC helps tame transportation changes

TEC can provide the Transportation Department bus route contact lists and allow the appropriate administrator to notify parents of bus delays or route changes. 

TEC can receive data from the district bus routing software and load the contact lists automatically, saving personnel time and assuring that a message reaches the right person.

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