The Education Connection  - offers important and easy to use benefits for all members of the education team in your district.  Review the many valuable uses your district staff can utilize with TEC. 

Phone Benefits

TEC Benefits

Maintain an emergency safety line, announce calamity days, and open a 24-hour parent feedback line. 

Remind parents about special school events, inform parents about tardy students, schedule staff meetings, eliminate calling chains, conduct parent surveys

Board of Education
Announce meeting dates and agenda and receive public comments

Transportation Services
Contact parents for service delays or behavior problems on the bus, let parents talk privately to the bus driver, conduct parent surveys on transportation needs, organize "Meet the Driver" days

Personnel Office
Have a 24-hour job line to access information, announce staff meetings and training 

Transfer non-emergency teacher calls into voice mail box, receive absence messages 24-hours a day and then report them at their convenience, refer callers to other TEC features for school information

Utilize TEC two-way communication tools to keep parents (including  non-custodial ones) informed about classroom and homework requirements , design interactive lessons

Coordinate immunization updates and kindergarten registrations, notify parents of their children's visits to the school clinic

Community Relations
Coordinate special events, and relay information to the public

Music Departments
Communicate up-to-date rehearsal and performance schedules, take ticket orders 24-hours a day

Art Departments
Announce contest opportunities and art show schedules

Keep parents, and players apprised of updated practice schedules, time changes, cancellations, up-to-the-minute bus arrival times, current scores, and competition results

Parent Groups
Organize a host of volunteers, and take a poll with one phone call

Food Services
Coordinate menus with all buildings, receive daily instructions from head chef, report kitchen inventory, and requests, record menus for student/parent review

Multi Media Specialists
Alert families to new procurements, remind students of overdue materials

Students and Parents
Notify school of students absences, check on homework deadlines and special events, verify lunch menu/school closing/practice changes, receive from teachers private voice messages detailing student progress or behavior 

Coordinate reunions, meetings, fund raisers, and volunteer opportunities

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