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Advanced Network Devices

Posted on: March 30, 2016

Advanced Network Devices

The Education Connection (TEC) now markets and services the Advanced Network Devices (AND) modern IP Audio / Visual Messaging devices. AND devices are state-of-art vusual and audio equipment for delivering alerts throughout the building or campus. TEC software provides complete control over the full line of AND devices. Now your IT staff can easily control IP Speakers, Strobes and Audio/Visual devices from your TEC system and desktop phones. You can learn how easily AND devices are to install and maintain with a simple upgrade through the TEC system for administration and maintenance. 

Advanced Network Devices have sound masking capabilities with pink noise generation, and they are built to enable support for SIP integration with other VoIP systems. You now can control and synchronize clock display and multi-direction scrolling text (left, right, up, down) with configurable messaging, RSS and twitter feeds.

Call The Education Connection today to discuss the advantages of the AND products and TEC services.  

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