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Legend Web Works Integration

Posted on: April 12, 2016
School Website

The Education Connection and Legend Web Works provide an integrated system of communication for parents, schools, and students 

The Education Connection (TEC) and Legend Web Works have joined forces in the integration of the Legend Web Works cost-effective system that allows TEC to handle communication between the parents and teachers through the school web site and telephony system.  The integration between Legend Web Works (LWW) and The Education Connection (TEC) offers one-stop educational portal of communication in both phone and web services for school districts or campuses. 

Talk with LWW and TEC sales staffs to help in designing, data integration, and communication features that you may desire to have in your website.  The cost-effective solution means your district, school, or business can now have: 

  • Live Support & Training
  • Content Management System Tools (CMS) 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools
  • Email
  • Domain Name Management
  • Hosting/Personal Online Account
  • Stats

Call TEC at 1-800-800-3823 or email TEC at 


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