About TEC

Supercharge your telephones with The Education Connection (TEC). This program works with both new and old phone systems, and it does not require phones in the classroom. TEC is compatible with analog, digital, and VOIP telephone systems.

Our primary design objectives for TEC were developed and met by meeting with teachers and educators who were teaching and managing our schools. By discussing the importance of parent-teacher communications with experts in the education field, our product could be developed with a strong foundation of support from teachers. Building on that direction we continue to modify The Education Connection to meet the needs of the modern educator.

25 Years of Service and Inovation

Our History

Twenty-five years of service and innovation in communications for education, business and community.

The Education Connection (TEC) is a modern unified telephony based communication system designed to improve student, parent, and community involvement in the 21st century education process. Our objective for developing TEC result's from many extensive meetings with teachers, educators and consultants that are teaching and managing our schools and universities.  We continue to modify TEC to meet the needs of the modern education environment.

From the beginning...

The Education Connection (TEC) was developed and improved by Insta-Info Inc. over 25 years ago from the time of the earliest voice technologies in communications. One major goal was to provide an array of tools to increase the educators communication abilities in today's educational environment. Using only the latest in cloud-based and microprocessor-based technology, Insta-Info creates customized industry-specific voice technologies, text/email systems for all types of businesses. Education has become the fastest growing segment of our development effort.

Our developers and designers are all seasoned experts in database development, maintenance, programming expertise in all modern languages and tools, and experienced system analysts. Our TEC staff has many years of experience in information management, education, and design of interactive voice response software. We are proud of the growth and advances of The Education Connection and the technical support that we provide each and every client using any of our products.

To contact us by telephone: 1-800-800-3823

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