About TEC

Supercharge your telephones with The Education Connection (TEC). This program works with both new and old phone systems, and it does not require phones in the classroom. TEC is compatible with analog, digital, and VOIP telephone systems.

Our primary design objectives for TEC were developed and met by meeting with teachers and educators who were teaching and managing our schools. By discussing the importance of parent-teacher communications with experts in the education field, our product could be developed with a strong foundation of support from teachers. Building on that direction we continue to modify The Education Connection to meet the needs of the modern educator.

Using TEC


My TEC makes communication a breeze for educators!

The Education Connection was designed with the help and expertise of many professional educators specifically to address the 21 st century communication needs of schools, from elementary through universities. TEC is successful because it was literally designed, tested and continuously refined by the users, the education professionals.

Teachers who have used The Education Connection tell us that they would not teach without it. The Education Connection is the first tool they use at the beginning of the school year, and the tool they depend on throughout the entire year.

TEC Fast and easy to use!

TEC is a Scalable 
Communication Powerhouse!

It is not unusual for school districts to receive many urgent and important telephone calls every day on their Education Connection system. They also may be communicating by sending thousands of calls or text messages to parents, including non-custodial  parents, who have never before been given 24-hour access to detailed information on their children's education.

Student - Parent integration

Parents are thrilled to be brought into the educational process on a daily basis. The Education Connection's impact is powerful when parent and educator have a direct 24/7 connection to each other. This real time access, made possible by TEC, increases learning, helps pass school funding issues, and builds a partnership between the school and home.

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