The Education Connection (TEC) is a VoIP telephony-based communication system designed to improve student, parent, and community involvement in the educational process. As the "original" outbound dialer TEC has provided messaging solutions to educators since 1991.

Provide Private Voice Mail Contact with Parents or Guardians

We call TEC's Unique Voice Mail feature One-on-One (OOO), which is a personal, private, parent-to-teacher portal available 24/7. Parents may not always be able to contact or speak with a teacher during normal school hours. The OOO program reduces the stress between parent and teacher by being available any time of day for recording messages.

Business professionals, skilled workers on second or third shifts, police or fireman may be unable to meet with a teacher at a mutually agreeable time. There is still a need for direct communication between parent and teacher that One-on-One can fill. The time to take telephone calls or return voice mail messages is very limited for the teacher and possibly for the parent. Traditionally this has meant that teachers spend time in the evening attempting to return telephone calls from the work day.


Unique Voice Mail

Private and Confidential Communication


 Using TEC's One-on-One (OOO) feature, teachers and parents can carry on two-way communications without annoying phone tag or extraneous conversation.

Teachers create private access private numbers for parents with whom they wish to communicate. Parents then are given a small instruction card that informs them how to access the private message left for them by the teacher. After listening to the teacher's message, a parent can then record a private voice response.

Once the OOO procedure is set up, the parent has 24-hour access directly to a teacher, and the teacher has made themselves accessible without giving out a home telephone number.

OOO messages have many benefits, which includes password protection, delivery confirmation, and annual message archiving.

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