The Education Connection (TEC) is a VoIP telephony-based communication system designed to improve student, parent, and community involvement in the educational process. As the "original" outbound dialer TEC has provided messaging solutions to educators since 1991.

Advantage TEC

The advantage comes from our 25+ years of experience in serving educators.  

When our TEC customers suggest additions or changes to our services, we listen and innovate solutions. The result is the most refined, polished, and complete communication tool available.

Here are a few of the advantages TEC provides:


Consistent Delivery Times


On-Time Message Handling

When your district needs to contact a group quickly, it's important not to be left guessing about how long it will take to deliver your message.  TEC's rapid communication system has a predictable delivery time because our third-generation dispatch system is not confined by limited capacity. 

TEC maintains thousands of telephone lines on our customized cloud-based servers. TEC's exclusive and innovative design harnesses the unlimited computing power available on the Amazon Cloud®, one of the oldest, largest, and most reliable cloud-computing providers.

TEC has negotiated agreements with the world's premier global communication providers with fiber networks on three continents connected by undersea facilities to provide access to practically unlimited telephone line capacity.

During high volume message delivery times, TEC's exclusive design allows us to expand our capacity as needed to provide the fastest delivery possible. Our customers often tell us, "I got my phone call before I had even hung up from scheduling the call."

Expect fast. 

Get fast results each and every time.

Only on TEC.


On-site Training


WOW! Annual On-Site Training

One of TEC's important customer benefits is annual on-site training. In today's fast paced world it is almost unheard of for vendors to offer annual on-site training for customers, yet this is one of TEC's notable features. Every new school year districts may have new staff, personnel who may have a new job placement, or teachers who need a refresher using the TEC system. Each annual training is designed and scheduled to meet school staff needs. TEC will provide information on new TEC features or retrain on under-used programs so TEC usage increases annually. 

Annual on-site training will increase a staff's ability, ease, and efficiency in maintaining the highest level of communication. With TEC annual on-site training school staff will increase district communications and preform these tasks more efficiently.


Student Information System Integration


Fully Automate Student Information Updates

TEC allows the school to control how student, staff, and other contact lists are set up and maintained. TEC is capable of collecting and distributing telephone numbers to the schools' specific contact lists. TEC can populate contact files at the classroom level for teachers to keep parents connected.

TEC can import changes on a schedule that school personnel decide is most efficient for keeping data as current as possible. This TEC feature means staff are not doing double data entries to keep contact lists updated.  


Extra-curricular Calls   


Extra Added Value for TEC Users

TEC offers an extra benefit with the ability to set up contact lists for extra-curricular groups to deliver important messages to members. TEC provides group leaders access to their membership lists for updating contact information securely.   

TEC automatically imports contact lists for any group that is tracked in the Student Information System (SIS). These import records insure that all extra-curricular activities are maintained in the students' permanent records.

TEC staff will train parent volunteers how to initiate notifications specific for each particular group. 


Truly Unlimited - No catches, no fine print, no defining of words


+ Unlimited Phone Numbers 

TEC offers unlimited phone numbers per student, staff, or community member. There is no restriction regarding inclusion of contacts not in the student or staff lists.

+ Unlimited Surveys 

TEC provides the ability to collect data by asking a question and having the caller press the appropriate numerical response. An example might be:

"Press 1 if you are attending the PTA meeting."

"Press 2 if you cannot attend the PTA meeting."

TEC gives the opportunity to ask a multiple choice question and record an answer. With this feature TEC provides a count of callers that selected one option or another. 

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