The Education Connection (TEC) is a VoIP telephony-based communication system designed to improve student, parent, and community involvement in the educational process. As the "original" outbound dialer TEC has provided messaging solutions to educators since 1991.

SMS Text Notifications

Fast, Dependable, Easy to use

Using TEC's SMS Texting service to send group SMS Text Messages is the smart way to broadcast a text message. TEC sends true SMS Text Messages, not emails. TEC has the required peering agreements with all the major cellular networks to deliver messages directly to the recipients' cellular devices. We send true SMS Text Messages, so we do not need to know a recipient's cellular phone provider, which simplifies setup and maintenance of lists.


TEC's SMS Texting Advantages

  • Protects the sender's private cell phone number
  • Studies are showing parents and students respond quickly to a text message or alert
  • TEC's subscription portal allows recipients to opt-in easily to specific lists
  • SMS messages do not get "lost" in spam
  • TEC uses true SMS Text Messages
  • You receive message delivery tracking
  • TEC is a fast, dependable, and accurate message delivery system
  • It is not necessary to know recipient's cellular provider
  • Zero solicitations or advertisements with TEC
  • Unlimited group size in our TEC system
  • Never outgrow TEC, as it has unlimited number of groups
  • You can send from any cell phone - no app required
  • All your TEC messages are documented to comply with district's teacher / student protection policies
  • The TEC system complies with record retention laws
  • Be safe, as TEC complies with all rules concerning Opt-In and Opt-Out regulations

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